52 Ancestors: Week 9 - James Palmer
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I've been trying to re-focus my research on the Mayflower line to help my mom out (I'm easily distracted and tend to jump around our tree depending on what I feel like researching... genealogy ADD go!). She's trying to get into the Mayflower Society so we need all the documentation!

Along the way we found some cool stuff though. Like my 5th Great Grand Uncle, James Palmer.

James Palmer was born July 26, 1760 in Middleborough, Massachusetts to parents James Palmer (1712-1778) & Meribah Nye (1726-?). At some point, he moved to Dover, Vermont. He married Ruth Bradish and they had 6 children - Hannah, Ira, Ara, Sarah, Joseph and Mary. In 1916 he and his family left Vermont and moved to Ohio.

Excerpt taken from The Descendants of John Nead and other Associated Families

"An item in the History of Dover, Vermont refers to "The Year Without a Summer" in which ten inches of snow fell on June 17th With ice and snow every month of the year, spring, summer and autumn seemed blended into a winter. There was no grain, crops, gardens or feed for the starving livestock. Farmers in New Jersey sent wagon of swamp hay for their cattle. On the 6th day of June 1817, 36 men, women and children left homes and neighbors in Dover and started for Sullivan, Ohio with one span of horses, several ox teams, and a few cows. Among those in the group was James Palmer, his wife and five children--Ira, Ara, Mary, Joseph and Sarah. They reached Sullivan on the afternoon on August 28th after a twelve week journey.

Mom also found a interesting story about James after they arrived in Ohio.

Excerpt from "The History of Ashland County, Ohio"
By A. J. Baughman
Published By The S. J. Clarke Publishing Co., Chicago, 1909

"Soon after our arrival in Sullivan, Mr. James Palmer went out to gather nuts, of which there was a great abundance. It was on the afternoon of one very pleasant day in September; but venturing out of sight of clearing, he got lost. He wandered about till dark, without finding anything from which he could judge of his direction or distance from home. Night overtook him, and in this dilemma he was obliged to give up and laid himself down by a log to rest till morning. He passed a restless, if not a sleepless night. At one time a huge bear came very near him, but fortunately was not hungry enough to attack him. His friends became quite alarmed at his prolonged absence, and at dark rallied out to find him; but their search was fruitless. Preparations were then made for search next day; two men were dispatched to Harrisville to raise men to assist them. They were fitted out with hickory torches and went this whole distance and returned before daylight - making a journey of twenty miles by torchlight. Mr. Palmer, however, by the aid of the stakes set up by the surveyors was enabled to find his way home about nine o 'clock in the morning. A messenger was instantly sent to Harrisville with the glad tidings that the lost was found."

It's good to know that my mom's lousy sense of direction is genetic. :)

James & Ruth lived out the rest of their lives in Sullivan, Ohio. James died September 6, 1839 at 79 years old.

James & Ruth Palmer - Old Sullivan Cemetery - Ashland, Ohio

52 Ancestors: Week 5 & 6 - Dorothy Agnes Shaver & Doris Clara Shaver
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I was sick last week and was totally in no state to even look at my genealogy, nonetheless write a post about an ancestor. So gonna play catch up this week... with TWINS. :D

Doris Clara (left) & Dorothy Agnes (right)

Dorothy Agnes & Doris Clara Shaver were born on June 20th, 1919 in Michigan to Clifford & Luella Shaver (nee Randall).

On January 12, 1944, Dorothy married Charles Joseph Calabro. They had 4 children, Cheryl Marie, Rosemary, Frederick Charles & Janice Eileen. Unfortunately, Dorothy died shortly after giving birth to my mother, Janice, on July 1, 1952. Charles did end up re-marrying nearly 10 years later to the woman who I would grow up calling "grandma", but that's a story for another post.

 photo 8877e6dd-dc9f-4f29-a6df-c0a8c8df9bac_zpsb5af0b43.jpg  photo f52b1bbb-4713-4999-85db-b93b7ad0a03e_zps4de39d98.jpg
Dorothy Agnes Shaver Calabro

 photo 9842adf2-6855-4d1b-9b01-ffc317c9b96c_zpsd81f88f4.jpg  photo 1055135e-2934-44a7-9227-75d31d56d96d_zps9732a6e1.jpg
Charles & Dorothy with daughters Cheryl & Rosemary // Dorothy with son Fred

 photo 32707660-f9e5-47ab-8327-962a9f404edd_zpsd6e5079e.jpg
Old photo I found of her headstone when rummaging through family photos

Doris I actually have less information about. I know at some point she married Hal Boughton and they had 4 children - James, Patricia, Gary & Alan. She died May 25, 1985. I wish I could have met her and talked to her about her sister. Actually, it's entirely possible I did meet her... but I was barely 1 when she died... and if I don't remember it, it doesn't count.

 photo 364993d7-28e2-4aa8-888a-6776e6baa3c7_zpsf2fac2c3.jpg
Doris holding Janice

 photo 0cc89911-0223-4e3c-8afd-2050486d7d25_zpsfb7d84ee.jpg
The Boughtons

52 Ancestors: Week 4 - Johann Daniel Mahl
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Okay, so I'm pretty excited right now. I think I may have just broken through a brick wall! I'm (still) working on the Mahl branch of my tree because Johann & Katharina had a crapton of kids who then in turn had a crapton of kids. But on a lark I wanted to see if I could find his parents.

 photo JohannDMahlportrait_zpsb8e0c8cf.jpg
Johann D Mahl

Johann (John) Daniel Mahl was born on August 28, 1826 according to his FindAGrave page. He married Katharina (Katharine) Imm and they had 12 kids: John Adam, Jacob, Adam, Daniel (see last week), Catherine, Frank, Michael, Adelia, Mary, Henry, Louise & Joseph. Johann died October 8, 1893.

Father Died Oct 8, 1893 Aged 67 Years, 1 Month, 12 Days

ANYWAYS. I found this tonight. I'm relatively convinced that the Johann Daniel Mahl in this birth record is my Johann Daniel Mahl even though the birthday is one day off. Which means I've finally broken down the Germany wall on this side of my family! Those are his parents!!! Excuse me while I relish this genealogy high a little longer.


I've requested copies of document, so I have more than just the FamilySearch screenshot... but it'll be 4-6 weeks. STILL. SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW.

52 Ancestors: Week 3 - Daniel Mahl
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So I started my tree from scratch a couple weeks ago. My original tree was a total mess because I merged with everything (mistaaaaaaaaake!) and went off on the twiggiest of twigs. I'm only adding info I can verify with documentation, so it's kind of slow going, but rewarding at the same time. ANYWAYS, I'm now researching my great grandmother's (Anna Marie Miller) German side of the tree. This was part of the tree I had previously sort of just skimmed over.

This weekend the first document I found for my 2nd great grand uncle, Daniel Mahl, was his death certificate. Cause of death? "Accident by falling on circular saw". O___O Holy crap. Ouch.

 photo DanielMahldeathcert_zps3d13e884.jpg

Of course, I wanted to find out more.

Daniel Mahl was born on March 21, 1862 to Johann (John) Daniel Mahl & Katharina (Catharine) Imm in Ohio. He married Elizabeth Didion on July 2, 1895. They had 8 children: Herman Joseph, Ralph Jacob, Carl, Arnold Aloysius, Mary Ann, Irene Rosalie, Emma G & Linus August. He died March 25, 1916.

 photo MAHLDaniel_zps8b255d84.jpg

I haven't been able to find any articles about his death... but I'll keep looking this week. :)

EDIT 1/26
I was hoping to have an edit for this post by the end of the week, but further information on Daniel is proving harder to find. At least in an online capacity. I did order his obituary from the Hayes Presidential Library shortly after posting this on Monday. My first time ordering a document from there, so I'm not sure how long it usually takes. I swear I just need to take a month-long genealogy vacation to Ohio.

52 Ancestors: Week 2 - Frank Gilmore Jones
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I'm starting this nifty project a week late - 52 Ancestors in 52 weeks. It seemed like starting with my great grandfather, Frank Gilmore Jones, was as good a place as any.

Frank Gilmore Jones was born on September 14, 1891 in Jefferson, Ohio to Thomas & Catherine (Farley) Jones. He married Anna Miller on April 19, 1915. He moved to Michigan in 1967 to live closer to my grandfather, Robert (his only child), and died on February 24, 1970.

young frank

I don't have any great stories about him from dad, who told me the other day that he met Frank maybe 4 times during his childhood. I do, however, have tons of articles that were cut out of newspapers and put in a photo album about his career (some of which I haven't scanned in yet... really need to do that)!

He was a successful lawyer in Ohio from 1930-1960. In 1938 he was appointed as City Relief Commissioner (which he served from 1938-1948) and a member of the Knights of Columbus and the Fraternal Order of Eagles.

Promotion articles:
 photo frankpromotion2_zps4e3bd4cf.jpg  photo frankpromotion1_zps227351d4.jpg

Knights of Columbus articles:
 photo knightsofcolumbus1_zps88b5a087.jpg photo knightsofcolumbus2_zps02fd5b58.jpg

He was definitely not the kind of guy who just sat around. I'd even venture a guess that he was a bit of a workaholic - considering my grandfather was a bit of a workaholic.

My goal for the rest of this week is to rummage through old family photos and see if I can find more of Frank. At the very least, scan the rest of his news articles!

EDIT 1/15, 9:48 PM Okay... so I went through all the shaking leaves for Frank tonight, because I'm trying to clean all the hints out in my family tree re-do. One of the leaves was his World War I Draft Registration Card. I squinted at it for a good few minutes before recognizing the words "real estate" (HEY! I'm in real estate! COOL!). After a lot more squinting and getting second opinions from mom, I somehow managed to decipher "Wolfe Sill Realty Co, 715 Garfield Bldg"... from this:

 photo FrankGJonesWW1DraftRegCard_zps5daf276b.jpg
Really? Could these copies be any worse?!?

So, naturally, I ran straight to the Google machine. Long story short... I found Wolfe-Sill Realty Co in a city directory... AND a 1910 postcard with the building on it! AND I got to share the excitement of this discovery with mom! :D Only she understands getting excited about finding a photo of an old building.

 photo GarfieldBuilding-siteofWolfe-SillRealtywhereFrankJonesworkedatage26-1910vintagepostcard_zpsff465ebe.jpg

PSA: Dear America,
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Hey, can we talk? You guys have GOT to stop writing out your homophobic or racist opinions on dining receipts in lieu of a tip. You know you are. You're making the human race look bad.


Nobody wants to hear your opinions. Just shut up and tip your server.

This has been a public service announcement.
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PSA: Life is good.
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This is a public service announcement.

Life is good. Enjoy it. :)

This has been a public service announcement.

Eurovision 2013
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My favourites (in no real order):

Emmelie De Forest - Only Teardrops

Dina Garipova - What If

Roberto Bellarosa - Love Kills

Krista Siegfrids - Marry Me

Gianluca Bezzina - Tomorrow

Koza Mostra & Agathon Iakovidis - Alcohol Is Free

So Malta is hands down my favourite. And Finland's is totally a guilty pleasure song. They both made it into the finals. I guess we'll see who wins. :)

[Random] TV Anti-Drug
Enlisted (Fox)

So I read the blurb for this and was just like... no. But after watching the trailer, holy shit. YES.

The Michael J Fox Show (NBC)

Not gonna lie, this made me laugh in a couple places. But I'm still so iffy on the whole Michael J Fox essentially playing Michael J Fox on a show called The Michael J Fox Show. :S

The Crazy Ones (CBS)

Robin Williams, how did I ever doubt you 4 days ago? THIS LOOKS HILARIOUS. I will watch the hell out of this. Thank you, CBS.

Hostages (CBS)

This just looks like an amazing, mindfucky show. Will definitely tune in.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D (ABC)

So... spoiler alert, Coulson lives! Uhm... for the most part... this seems like Alphas meets Avengers, but whatever. I'll still watch a couple episodes and see if it's worth the fuss.

Once Upon A Time in Wonderland (ABC)

Not much to say. Yup. Looks awesome.

Resurrection (ABC)

First of all, Whoa. Second of all, whooooooa. Third of all, HI OMAR EPPS. <3

Oh... and the Sleepy Hollow trailer I posted yesterday. That still looks awesome.

So yup. That's what looks good to me so far.

FOX's Fall Schedule.
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FOX has released it's Fall Schedule. The two shows I had picked from that list that had sounded kinda interesting to me - Sleepy Hollow & Rake - ARE on the rotation. Sleepy Hollow will be a Monday show. Rake looks like a mid-season replacement for... Thursday?


Sleepy Hollow

Mom will like this show, I think. :D Not sure if it'll get a second season... but looks like the first season will be fun.


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