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RIP Atomic Comics.
[Random] MangaWhore
I have posted about this on Twitter & Facebook... but I just wanted to do a quick public post here about Atomic Comics going out of business.

I hadn't been to Atomic in years - partly because of a long stretch of unemployment and lack of money, but also because there's a Barnes & Noble a mile away from our apartment. The last time I went in, was shortly after someone had crashed through the Mesa Atomic's storefront and they had a very small selection tarped off while they were cleaning things up around the rest of the store. I bought a couple manga based off the suggestion of one of their cashiers - Law of Ueki and Hayate the Combat Butler. Both of which I ended up collecting for a stretch, so thanks cashier!

When I first started collecting, I would go to Atomics all the time because they would have series that Borders didn't carry. I remember going there specifically for Seraphic Feather, because it was the only place I could find it. And I remember being so excited when I found copies of the last volume of Angelic Layer and one of the volumes of Chobits at their Chandler store because both volumes had JUST been released only a couple days before and had sold out at Borders before I could get them.

So yeah. I guess I could have just made this post infinitely shorter by saying, "thanks for all your years of comic geek service" and helping me realize that I really hate being around large groups of screaming, squealing anime fans - but I was feeling long winded and nostalgic.

I hope things work out for the owner and his family. I heard that they were losing their house because of this, and it breaks my heart. :(

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it is sad to see it go, kind of part of our high school memory too!! *Sniffles*

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