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You know that after he toots it, he regrets booting it.
[Glee] Dude

So much LOL at Chris Colfer's song choices at the end of the video. XD

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Ahahaha. Based on your comment I was afraid that Chris Colfer would go down in my estimation... But actually it makes me love him more because he took the cue of "Baby Got Back" and ran with it with a hilariously straight face XD Chris~♥♥♥ (I actually love his choice of "Come What May".)

I used to love these guys (well, much more Blaine) and this show. Now it's oversaturated and they annoy the hell out of me. Too perky with too little real problems.

Meh, I won't rant. I missed using this icon, though.

I totally agree that this show has gotten amazingly annoying. Still a funny video though.

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