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Computer Vs. Jeopardy!
[Bones] Sweets Finds Fascinating
This is fascinating...

Watson will be on Jeopardy! on Valentine's Day... I will totally be watching.

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I did not make this layout. It's one of the free layouts LiveJournal offers.

If you're looking for ideas for a LiveJournal layout though... you may want to poke around freelayouts. :)

Wow... this is incredible.

And scary.

Maybe I have that "I, Robot" mentality, but instilling what was basically described as human fluency (re: intelligence, speech, etc.) into computers just seems so gratuitous. Impressive and possibly useful, yes, but I don't think that computers surpassing humans is necessary. If anything, humans need more of that technology.

Poor guys when Watson was getting those questions wrong consecutively, though. Lol. It's insane what people in that field do.

Watson actually won! <3 Somebody awesome uploaded all 3 episodes of the Watson Jeopardy. He beat both of the Jeopardy champions. BY A LOT.

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