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Harkins 2011 Loyalty Cup
[Numb3rs] G33k
The new loyalty cups came out, and we had some fun trying to identify all the movies represented... but there are a couple we didn't get!

1. Say Anything
2. Toy Story
3. Red Harkins (founder), the guy in the blue suit is the current president Dan Harkins and the red dress in Dan's wife Karen
4. Batman
5. Star Wars
6. Transformers
7. Kung Fu Panda
8. Matrix
9. Shrek
10. MegaMind
11. Tron
12. Ghostbusters
13. Rocky
14. 300
15. Austin Powers
16. Seven Year Itch
17. X-Men/Wolverine
18. Men in Black
19. Wizard of Oz
20. Kill Bill
21. Thor (thanks vladilenaova!)
22. Star Wars
23. Snow White
24. Grease
25. Fantasia
26. Pirates of the Caribbean
27. Avatar
28. Napoleon Dynomite
29. Harry Potter
30. Saturday Night Fever
31. Harry Potter
32. Mary Poppins
33. Karate Kid
34. Smurfs
35. Spider-Man
36. Batman
(((Oooops! Forgot to add a number! The shield under #36 is Captain America.)))
37. Twilight
38. Terminator
39. Iron Man
40. Indiana Jones
41. Harkins monkey mascot thing

Do you know what #3 & #24 are supposed to be?

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24 is Sandy from Grease.

That was my first guess... but it seems odd to just have Sandy and not Danny too... *scratches head*

Mystery solved

Ok, these were driving me so crazy over the last couple days I had to go back to the theater and ask!
#3 is Red Harkins and Dan's kids.
#41 is Harkins' theme character as seen here: http://www.harkinstheatres.com/playcenter.aspx

YOU ARE AMAZING. Thank you! No wonder I didn't recognize it from any movie! XD


#3 is Red Harkins (founder), the guy in the blue suit is the surrent president Dan Harkins and the red dress in Dan's wife Karen.

#24 I agreed with you about it being Sandra Dee from Grease.

But you also missed one that didn't number at all. The little red, white and blue shield to Spider-Man's right is Captain America's.

Thanks for the list we could figure out the Kill Bill one.


why not:)

Found this blog entry via Google. We couldn't figure out who the hell number 3 was, so glad we managed to stumble across this.

Also, another commenter is correct: the shield below the Joker is Captain America's.

I'm glad this entry found it's way to Google. I made it public so people could find it. <3 <3

provides access

very use full information. thank you.


I don't think is KILL BILL. I do not remember her having a white round patch on her uniform yellow and black uniform. And the black thin lines on the yellow like that. Her outfit is like Bruce Lee's in THE GAME OF DEATH. Still trying to figure this one out though.

Is the one from TRON Sam or Kevin Flynn? Thanks for this.

I would guess it's Sam.

Now that I googled it, it makes sense that its Sam because hes wearing the blue suit. :)

So who is the woman in the yellow outfit? #20 on this cup or #33 on the contest? Is it from Kill Bill? I really don't think so since the outfit is wrong. She does not have that white round patch on her outfit in the movie and the yellow stripes are completely different. All the others are pretty much spot on I really doubt they would change hers so much.

I originally thought #20 was Silk Spectre from Watchmen :)

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