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Halloween and Vandalism: An Open Letter.
[Walking Dead] Zombie
Why? Seriously. I want to know why. WHY - especially at Halloweentime - do people go around destroying things?

When I was about 10, the day after Halloween I woke up to find somebody had smashed our pumpkins. I was so upset that my mom actually called me in sick from school. We had worked so hard carving them together and I had enjoyed them so much up to that point. I knew that eventually we would have to throw them away... but I had been looking forward to enjoying them for at least a LITTLE while after the holiday. I felt violated. Somebody had destroyed my work... my effort... and for what? Amusement? How is that funny?

I was never one of those bratty teenagers who smashed pumpkins on Halloween or TP'ed people's yards. Mostly because I was raised to respect other people's property... but also because I've never forgotten that feeling of disbelief and anger.

3 years ago, I had somebody at my apartment complex steal a plastic skull right off my front door area. That same violated feeling I felt when I was 10 crept over me again... followed by a feeling of "forget this". It made me wonder why I was bothering decorating for Halloween at all. It's not like we got trick-or-treaters at the complex... the decorations were for my own personal enjoyment... and somebody felt the need to take some of that away from me. I didn't even want to celebrate the holiday anymore.

Which was when the tradition of hardcore decorating my parents' house for Halloween started. I had called my mother angry and bitter about the theft, and in an attempt to cheer me up she offered to let me decorate her house instead. We hit a bunch of stores... bought headstones and lights... the whole nine yards. Probably spent more money than we should have. But it was fun... and it was something we've come to bond over.

The first 2 years of this went off without a hitch.

This year... was different.

Last week, somebody came into the yard, ripped about half the skeleton hand lights down (actually broke off one of the thumbs) and stole one of the headstones. The headstone we had JUST BOUGHT the day before. Okay fine, it was inexpensive... and we had extras, so whatever. But the skeleton hand lights we bought that first year. We've never seen them again. They don't make them anymore. We've looked. So that was incredibly upsetting. We managed to super glue the thumb back on and we fixed up the cemetery and it was alright.

Tonight. It got vandalized again. This time... they actually STOLE the lower half of the skeleton hanging from the tree. And because that wasn't enough... they decided to KICK OVER 2 strands of the new skull lights we had added along the side of the wall to attract trick-or-treaters... and then stole one of the strands. THEY JUST TOOK IT. A whole strand. The skulls on them are made of fairly thin plastic, so they broke and we ended up having to throw them away.

Total cost of the damage tonight? $60. We are putting our TIME and our MONEY into making the house look festive and fun for the kids (and ourselves). I just don't understand why you would want to ruin something like that. What do you get out of it?

I doubt anybody besides a couple people on my friend list will read this anyways... but on the off chance somebody stumbles across this who does this sort of thing during Halloween, listen up. Halloween doesn't give you carte blanche to be a destructive asshole. These are people's possessions, so leave them alone. You wouldn't like it if I started breaking YOUR things. And if I catch you destroying MY property, you better believe that I will call the police department on your ass without a moment's hesitation.

That being said, Halloween is still my favourite holiday... and I know deep down that if I completely give up on celebrating (and decorating for) my favourite holiday in the way that makes me happiest, the assholes win. I don't want to give them the satisfaction. But I wanted to throw this out into cyberspace. Maybe somebody will see it and it will make them think about their actions. Who knows.

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I don't get it, either. The whole destroying things...I guess they think it's the whole part of the "trick" of "trick or treating?" But even then that is a huge assholio thing to do -_- honestly, because they really are just doing it for shits and giggles and it's not only rude it's also very immature.

I hope those people get egged or get their doors broken down, seriously.

Would you mind if I x-posted this on my Facebook or linked to it? I won't take credit for it or anything and I will definitely cite you (unless you didn't want me to). I just think more people need to see this because that is ridiculous and really just heart breaking. I wish I understood people...but then again, maybe not. I don't know if I want to understand why someone would want to destroy someone else's hard work and passion like that.

Yeah. You're welcome to post this wherever. :)

BTW - are we Facebook friends? *doesn't remember* If not, add me, bb. <3

Aw that's definitely upset :(
Maybe you should try to make a sign "HERE S YR CANDY NOW PLEASE DON'T VANDALISE"?

We'll probably end up getting a security camera of some sort. Which is really a shame. :S What is the world coming to?

Or you could set up a fake security camera that would scare em off ;D
*nods* World is becoming a mess... They better make a Sesame street special to explain them %(

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