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My kingdom for an electrical outlet!!!
[EUReKA] Zoe iPod
Dear places that offer free wi-fi connections,

While it's great that you offer free wi-fi... it's NOT great that you don't offer electrical outlets (I'm looking at you McDonalds) or not ENOUGH electrical outlets (I'm looking at you Barnes & Nobles). I have a cheap ass, shitty laptop that doesn't work unless it's plugged in. If you gave me something to plug into... I would spend more money in your stores! You want my money, don't you?!?! Of course you do.


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I just love the letters of good consumers experiencing bad business. They're so fascinating to read!

Fucking Borders is the worst. I took a laptop there when hanging out with a couple of my friends, only to find out that you need a password to get through some T-Mobile sponsored network. AND THE PEOPLE AT THE STORE DIDN'T FREAKING HAVE IT! And same with my grandmother's nursing home: I needed a password, and the women up front didn't want to give it to me, because "they weren't allowed to." What the flying hell?

Colleges are the best when it comes to this. Hopefully you'll get Internet connection at your new apartment soon...;-;

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