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[ANTM] Lisa Crazy

HAHA. Oh, you won't make it into the house.

EDIT: Even more teaser goodness.

I sorta hate girls who just blurt out their sexuality like that. I don't introduce myself as "Hi. My name is Toni. I'm 25. AND I'M STRAIGHT."

Is her hair tied to itself under her chin...? >.>

Oh good. Asian girl is a squealer.

"I was born with a bloody eyeball... my nickname when I was little was Bloody Eyeball." WOW. Whoever came up with that nickname is AMAZING.

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my vote is for "bloody eyeball"

XD If she gets in the house, I'm only going to call her Bloody Eyeball.

Is it just me or do all of those girls seem full of annoying and fail? >.>;;;

I'm hoping it's just because these are 10 second clips. T_T But this is the 5'7" and under cycle. The shortest girl who gets in the house is like... 5'2"... so I'm expecting this cycle to be full of fail anyways.

HOPEFULLY, the CW will release the girls who make it into the house tomorrow. And if not tomorrow... then Wednesday. Because I'm not sure I can wait much longer than Wednesday... T_____T

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