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Something awesome.
[Boston Legal] Alan Awesome
I made my handwriting into a font. Courtesy of another mod on Gaia who is awesome for pointing out yourfonts.com.

AND. If you want to download my font... it's right here!

I might try again later with an ultra fine point Sharpie to make my letters a little darker. And maybe fix that X. And my A... which sorta bothers me. But yeah. Wow. That really looks like how I normally write. I mean, I know it's because it is my handwriting... BUT IT'S STILL CREEPY.

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XD it does look like you just scan your own letter or something...

I wish I had a printer/scanner, I'm really curious how mine would come out (would it be even legible, I wonder?)

Got any friends with printer/scanner? I bet they'd be happy to let you leech for a little font fun. :3

Your handwriting is slanted but neat :D

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