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ANTM12 Pre-Show Interviews...
[ANTM] Fo The Win
For Julie to watch in a couple weeks. XD


Still hate her.


Still love her.


Ok... so her describing where her city is was kinda funny and cute. But god... she's an annoying otaku. D: "I wanted to name all my kids Japanese names". Yeaaaaaaaaaah.


Dammit. I think she's going to be the bitch this cycle. And if she keeps saying "fantabulous" all cycle, I'm going to hurt her. LOL @ the rice stuff though.


Zzzzzzzzzzz....... *sleeps through interview*


Oh god... Whitney Lite. Except instead of calling skinny girls "anorexic boys", they're "alien waifs".


I've been pronouncing her name wrong this whole time. It's sad that's the only thing I can say about this interview... snorefest.


I love her accent. <3 Kind of a boring interview too... but her accent makes up for it. X3


She really looks like Kahlen from cycle 4 in this video. I'm not sure, but I think she likes raspberries.


Uhmn... *tries to think of something to say about Courtney Kortnie* ... uh... it might be funny if she randomly goes into the Texas twangy accent.


My nickname is Tahl, because it's easier than saying Tahlia...?!? :S You have dumb friends if the -ia at the end messes them up. Blugh. She's only on this show because of her scars... she looks so old... and is so... JcPenny. Meh.


I've been pronouncing her name wrong too. Ok... I thought she'd be the bitch because her face is so severe... but she seems really bubbly and sweet. Interesting note, she's the only girl I don't have a surname for. Perhaps she wins?


Puerto Rico is fun to say. It's still too soon for another Latina to win though, sorry Jessica.

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Allison = full of hate.

Fo = full of win! But it makes it less fun when we're both rooting for the same girl. :P

Celia = it's sad, because she's actually the kind of girl whom I might like for her energy... If it weren't for her random otaku-ness and IT'S A MAN-ness.

Aminat = I'll hold on to hope that she won't be TOO bitchy...?

Natalie = you're right, total snooze.

London = hate hate hate hate haaaaaaaaaaaaate. And I love "I look so American but actually I'm half-Italian". Yeeaahhh.

Nijah = I actually like her because she's pretty and doesn't scream "TEH CRAZY"... But by that token she'll get the no-personality edit, be told she's boring by the judges and get sent home fairly early. She might be my pick if I didn't know that was going to happen. :S

Sandra = she's soooooooo cuuuuuuuuute but probably wrong for modeling and will get eaten by the judges/other girls.

Isabella = LAY OFF THE EYE MAKEUP, HON. And the Starbucks coffee. :P

Kortnie = Model robots. "I'm pretty! I have nothing to say!"

Tahlia = My earlier comments still stands. She's cute, she sweet, she's earnest, but she's totally wrong for Top Model. I'll be pleasantly surprised if she turns out to have some talent. But as far as her nickname -- plenty of people shorten my name to "Jules" even though Julie is only two syllables anyway. ;)

Teyona = Nice Black Girl #2! Yays. We'll see how far she gets... so um, why does "no last name released" mean she might be the winner?

Jessica = Mmmmm. Latina. :D <3

I was sad when I realized that was the last one. ^_^;;;

Edited at 2009-02-19 02:13 am (UTC)

Often the girls that nobody can find last names for are the winner. :3

And I will NEVER call you Jules. Ever. D:

God, I really hope Fo wins it. My pre-show faves win every 4 cycles. IT'S MY YEAR, DAMMIT.

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