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ANTM C12 Teasers...
[ANTM] Fo The Win
ANTM12 has been pushed back to March 4th so it can be a 2 hour premiere. I'm ok with that. Somebody on topmodel posted these sneak peak clips... so I'm going to steal them and post them here, because I can... and because I know some of the more casual ANTM fans on my friendlist don't check topmodel.

Why couldn't it be any of my fave girls? D:


I hate her. She's Lauren 2.0.


Tyra is going to eat her alive.


Okay, "sometimes my temple wants cheesecake" made me chuckle. But I still think she doesn't have a chance in hell to win. Men's magazine girls never win.


I dunno... certain angles I think her face is actually pretty stunning... but others... eeeeh... I just dunno. I'm on the fence with her. And her hooker fashion sense.

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I want to punch Allison even more than I did before. Don't care for Jessica. I had pegged Kortnie down as being first out but if she's the plus sized one they'll probably make her stick around for at least a week or two.

London is one of my faves and I think she's going to be great for the LULZ.

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