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Super mystery meme.
[AD] Dead Dove
The most awesome maryohki hooked me up with these questions.

1. There are 30 questions.
2. Next to each number, write only the name of the person who fits.
3. Answer one question with one name.
4. Don't tell the questions to anyone who isn't doing the meme.

1. lokaichan
2. krishna21/lokaichan - BOTH!
3. sporkkunoichi
4. kittygirls
5. youkofujima
6. tamayaki/tasu... I couldn't pick between you 2.
7. vladilenaova
8. fgg_1
9. lastnamstanding
10. krishna21
11. lokaichan
12. krishna21/vladilenaova... BOTH OF YOU ARE.
13. tasu
14. fgg_1 is both! XD
15. tasu
16. zaely
17. truenorth
18. royalwickedness
19. I can't choose one person. Pretty much everybody on my flist if more this than me.
20. elysesewell
21. I don't understand this one...
22. ...or this one.
23. lastnamstanding
24. royalwickedness
25. I wouldn't know. :X
26. tasu
27. lastnamstanding
28. vladilenaova
29. lastnamstanding

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(Deleted comment)
Should I email them to you? :3

OMG e-mail them to meh!!!111

The suspense is killing me!
I must know.

Damn. I didn't send you the questions because I wanted to post my own answers on this journal first... but then my internet died anyway. I'm actually rather amazed / disturbed that the meme made it to you via another person, since my Zuka friend started it on LJ (translated from the Japanese blog site Mixi). o_O

P.S., S-type & M-type = S&M = sadist / masochist. ^^;;

XD XD Wow. Smaaaaaaaaaaall world then. maryohki is one of my Gaia/manga geek friends... and she got it from one of her friends. It'd be interesting to trace it back to your Zuka friend. *doesn't have the patience for that*

Aaaaaaah... I had a feeling it might have been that... but "m-type" and "s-type" are also types of asteroids... I'm not sure how I'd go about comparing my friend list to asteroids...

"Why YES... I believe you are nickel-iron based and moderately bright! You are an m-type asteroid!"

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