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Yet another ANTM11 video...
[AD] Dead Dove
Tyra talks about the girls.

Still love Sheena. Brittany doesn't look as mannish in this video as she did in her promo picture (no mustache). Maybe she'll go on my Fafarazzi if Isis gets kicked off before her.

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ShaRaun caught my eye again in this video, so I think she may be My Black Girl. 8D And I agree on Brittany's possible potential. Still love Elise.

Tyra's breakdown analysis make me lawl, as always. X3

*needs new icon*

I should just make 1 icon with all of "Julie's black girls" over the cycles.

Except sloth vetoed that idea.... have a ShaRaun icon instead.

So Sheena is Japanese huh?

I guess so... either that or Tyra is just really racist. ^^;;;

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