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The Rise & Fall of Anime Fansubs...
[Excel Saga] Stabbity
Somebody linked to this series of YouTube videos on Gaia. It's a really interesting and amusing watch. Plus the narrator is British (accent love). Check it out!

And I agree 100%.

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this was amusing. I agree with some parts, and disagree with others. I like some of the cultural notes... but I can see what he's pointing at.

What's more amusing is the comments left on these photos in Youtube. Paraphrasing: "Fansubbers are translating these for people who are already familiar with Japanese cultures" ...Then WHY do we need all the cultural notes. Different audience my ass.

Or the hordes of people who want to weaken his arguments by saying stupid things like "But you didn't translate xyz line correctly! What a BAKA"

Wow, that was really eye-opening. :D

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