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Food Court Musical
[Scrubs] Crazy Person Says What
I just saw this on the news... and HAD TO share it.

At the very least, I know Julie will love this. XD

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Oh my god. I love you.
I love the janitor starting to sing. that was amazing!

I've seen that before and I think it's fantastic! :D

haha! at least next time IF I see someone singing the mall I'll know why. XD


Security guy was totally the best. X3

Hi. My name's Sean. I chose to add you as one of my friends, because we seem to like a lot of same stuff. What stuff? Stuff like: Arrested Development, House, Scrubs -- and some other; I forget.

Granted, yes. I understand that you live in Arizona and I live in Buffalo, NY, and chances are that we'll probably never actually meet in real-life. But, um, hm -- where was I going with this...?

Add me?

Sean Dwyer,
Sean Dwyer

Adding you back. Hopefully my blog won't be too boring for ya.

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