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Our high school days...
[ANTM] Lisa Crazy
... written on 7,395,921,429 dead trees.

Julie brought over her box of notes from junior high and high school tonight. Which of course inspired me to dig MY box of notes out from the linen closet. We spent a good 3 hours just looking through old notes and laughing our asses off. SO MUCH GOOD DRAMA.

Needless to say, I dusted off my scanner and scanned some of our old notes.

Since we only called each other by various ridiculous nicknames... I'll break it down for y'all on a case-by-case basis.

The Adam Boltz Saga
In high school, Julie was always seemed to attract people of the male persuasion into our little lunch circle. Well, Adam Boltz kinda liked anime... so he started sitting with us. But we got really annoyed with him and his constant state of hyper, so we more or less told him to take a hike. He wrote 6 notes to Julie, and 1 to me. Here they are, in no particular order... since there's really no way to put them in any particular order.

Notes to Julie

Note to me

Something about the wording, handwriting and the general "why do you hate me?!?!?!" tone of ALL the notes... we were laughing pretty hard. Bitchy of us? Perhaps. But it is funny.

My commentary on Boltz!

The 'What Was She Thinking?!?' Saga
In the same vein of "boys who hovered around Julie"... there was Ray (aka: Cho'dyn/Cho'Mo). They dated, broke up, hooked back up, broke up again... and possibly hooked up/broke up for a 3rd time... I lost count after a while.

The one note from Ray

Two notes from me, telling Julie how dumb she is for hooking up again

The Ultimate Drama Saga
I'm calling this section the ultimate drama, because (at least to me) it defines a good chunk of what I remember from high school. Analyze what you will from that. Sean (aka: Shiigan/Shiigie-poo/a variety of expletives) - most of the drama here was either about their break-up or whatever drama Sean was creating towards the end of the relationship. Looking back, it's amazing. Sean did drama better than I can... meaning, he drama'ed like a girl. XD Kudos, buddy.

Before the hook up. Him freaking out.

Me, to Julie. "He probably won't ask you out".

While they were dating. The lunch drama. Me, to Julie.

The Halloween drama. Me, to Julie.

The breakup. Soon after. Me, to Julie.

Various other crap about the breakup. Me, to Julie.

I really should have rummaged through all of Sean's notes to Julie... because I KNOW I saw one from his perspective about the lunch drama. And it was pretty funny. *snaps fingers* Darn.

In all seriousness though, Sean was the first and last time I've ever known a guy do the whole, "well I'll just leave and never come back" thing to his friends. That tactic has never worked for me the numerous times I've used it. And this is why I say he drama'ed like a girl.

To conclude this section, 2 amusing voodoo dolls that I had doodled on the sides of other, much more boring notes.

Boys aside. Julie, Krish & myself were like the 3 musketeers. I found this note in Julie's box and cracked up. This must have been EARLY junior high before Krish got very good at English... so looking back, the broken English was really amusing.

See how much better you got, Krish? And I must agree.... who IS Jack? A question for the ages, truly.

And I had a good share of notes where I gushed and talked about absolutely nothing. Or boys. Or nothing.

Man, I am such a crackhead. Nate was hella hot though. Even if romantically he didn't know I existed.

So basically, the point of this post is... WE WERE GIANT RETARDS IN HIGH SCHOOL. I hope this gave some of you guys out there a couple chuckles, because we were amused for HOURS.

And really, we're just different kind of giant retards now. So in another 10 years we can look back and laugh at us now.

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I half wonder if your drama was better worst than mine XD

Though I do have the "freshman that followed me like ducklings" one up on you guys ;D

Omg but you guys are nuts and I love you two for it XD

Hum... we had Fanboy. He was our sophomore. Does that count? X3 He wasn't really something that caused drama though... >.>;;;

Who is jack.....? Because I'm pretty sure I don't know this Jack at that time.

By the way, we hanging out with Julie anytime this weekend?

Just another Jack we were friends with. But we thought it was funny anyways when we saw it.

I hung out with Julie & her fam earlier today, but she's pretty exhausted and kicked me out. I work tonight and tomorrow night. Soooooooooo... uh. We can hang out tomorrow afternoon. *too lazy to plan anything*

Really?! I don't have any memory of it at all. ^^;;;

I see.. she is probably exhausted over packing and probably want all weekend to get stuff done.. It's ok if she is too busy.

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