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Phoenix Cactus Comicon
[Psych] The Con
SO. This weekend was Phoenix Cactus Comicon. Security was uber this time around - so we couldn't just sneak in like we did the last Comicon I went to. We loitered around outside on Saturday - and today, we just stayed at my place because it was raining all day.

Our apartment was the place to crash again for tamayaki, tasu & akiou. <3

Here's all the photos that were on my camera. They weren't all taken by me - because Tako kept yoinking my camera.


tamayaki & tasu cosplaying from Air Gear.

The Bad...

Gnarled wig & duct tape sword. InuYasha.

Chunky girl with shoulder-length brown hair. Get an effing wig. Gaara.

MEGA-ICHIGO. Shiny wigs. Ewwwww. Lettuce & Ichigo.

The Good...

Star Wars character...? I dunno. Julie seemed excited about her, so I snapped a ninja shot.

I'm so emo that this shot is blurry... but these Ghostbuster guys were AWESOME. They had a table set up outside playing the Ghostbuster theme.

The BWA?!?...

This lady had one of those slutty Halloween Red Riding Hood outfits... and she was sitting outside smoking and checking her cell phone. We didn't really understand why she was there.

Julie's Lunch...

...was happy to be eaten.

tamayaki & tasu cosplaying from Fruits Basket.

Special appearance by lokaichan.

Orange robot is Tasu approved.

A new friend...

I dunno her LJ name, otherwise I'd link her.


Wigs at home...

Wigs at Red Robin...

tamayaki & lokaichan.

krishna21 & me.


lokaichan, tasu, akiou & krishna21.

lokaichan & tasu.

Fun times had by all. :D

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The best con...? Toni's place~! <3


And Tasu says she looks doofy when she smiles. Ha!

The Star Wars chick I was ogling was a Twi'lek. Probably that kickass Jedi one... Go go Wikipedia!

And hay, who's that ugly chick buried under the blue wig, next to Tako? >.>

Kinda like that last one of me 'n Tasu tho.

(Deleted comment)
Nooooo, you look pretty pretty like a princess! XD <3

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