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Wednesday Night TeeVee...
[Random] Sharpie Bunnies
Image heavy. ANTM review to COME SOON.

Kitchen Nightmares
I heart Gordon Ramsay. I heart Hell's Kitchen. So how could I miss this new Ramsay series? I laughed a lot... but the editing seemed really choppy.

Ramsay from the opening.

The victim restaurant. XD

Tina, our damsel in distress.

Peter, our problem. And a lovely shade of orange, I might add.

Robert, the head chef. Always wearing a doo-rag. X3

Some of the more disgusting things Ramsay found in the walk-in freezer...

And one of the main problems the restaurant faced... Peter giving away meals and shit for free.

Ramsay bought them a shitload of new kitchen appliances and plates 'n junk... which seemed kind of sudden and random.

Almost nothing in the kitchen worked before that.

After the new kitchen, and a dinner service Ramsay yelled at Peter some more. Which was great, but Robert's reactions to Peter getting yelled at were FAR more entertaining.

Other points of intrest...
-Ramsay told Peter to "go fuck himself"... which was awesome.
-It seemed like Ramsay did all the actual work as far as re-launching the restaurant, which was kind of disappointing. I wanted to see the owners actually work for it. Come up with a new menu and such on their own WITHOUT Ramsay just handing it all over to them.
-Peter, who was a total dick throughout the whole episode had a change of heart instead of just getting fired like I hoped it would. The end of the episode was about Peter starting a "family day" to reach out to the community... and hugging a priest after getting his restaurant blessed. PR DAMAGE REPAIR COMPLETE! XD
-The father's name was Yogi. I didn't take a screencap of him, but yeah. Yogi didn't seem to really give a crap about what was going on.

Next week's episode looks particularly nasty...

Back to You
Overall, I thought this pilot sucked. I, like most people, was kinda excited to see Kelsey back on TV. But this pilot was full of bad jokes and flat characters.

Kelsey, "Chuck Darling", with hair.

"Ryan Church" the news boss guy... in the middle of the pilot's most DISGUSTING joke. Both Julie & I said "ew" out loud.

"Gary Crezyzewski"... he's the bitter field guy who hates the weather girl.

"Montana Diaz Herrera", the slutty weather girl who hates the field guy and mispronounces Spanish words.

"Marsh McGinly", the sports guy. Seems kinda scatterbrained.

I'm not gonna even bother capping Patricia Heaton's character, "Kelly Carr"... or the Kelly!Chuck bastard kid, because their characters were forgetable.

I'll watch this show for a couple more weeks, and if it doesn't get any better, I'm deleting it off Calpurnia to make room for something better.