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Dancing With the Stars Season 5.
[Project Runway] Rock the Kasbah
This post is really more for my parents who now lurk my blog occasionally... so everybody else feel free to ignore this. X3

Season 5 cast announced!

Josie Maran (Actress)
Mel B "Scary Spice" (Singer)
Sabrina Bryan (Actress)
Helio Castroneves (Race car driver)
Mark Cuban (Owner of Dallas Mavericks)
Jennie Garth (Actress)
Floyd Mayweather (Boxer)
Wayne Newton (Entertainer)
Marie Osmond (Singer)
Jane Seymour (Actress)
Cameron Mathison (Actor)
Albert Reed (Actor)

I don't know who some of those people are... but Mel B or Jane Seymour FTW. XD

Slightly related... Jane Seymour has heterochromia. I never realized. One eye is brown, and the other eye is green. That's pretty cool, actually. I wish I had been born with 2 different coloured eyes. *_*

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Cameron Mathison is a soap actor. No idea who Albert Reed is.

Yeah, IMDb didn't really know who Albert Reed was either. There were 2 Albert Reed's listed - one was born in 1910 and the other only had 1 movie in post-production to his name. :S So... it's a mystery.

Re: Jane Seymour's heterochromia... I feel like I knew that already, somehow. Probably because I found that list on Wikipedia of famous people with heterochromia.

Didn't Katie Holso have two different-colored eyes?

I didn't think Katie did... >.> I'm pretty sure I would have noticed and remembered that.

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