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ANTM9, Take 2...
[AD] Dead Dove

I'm rooting for her to win.

I love those shoes she's wearing. *_* But she looks kinda bow-legged in this pic. I think she'll look better after her makeover, if she lasts that long.

I don't think she's pretty at all. T_T

I've decided that anybody named Ebony who is on ANTM is not pretty at all. Maybe she'll photograph better during ANTM's kitchy photoshoots.

She's pretty when they CG out that giant mole on her chin. Chin mole not hot.

DAMMIT JANET. But really... I still think she's gonna be the "edgy" girl that I don't like.

She looks like Lluvy & Britany (C8)'s bastard daughter. Do not want.

Eh, no opinion.

Used to be an exotic dancer. I think she's kinda pretty. I have her pegged as the runner up.

Eh, also no opinion.

I think she's kinda pretty. She'll probably be lokaichan's preshow fave.

This cycle's plus size girl. She doesn't look plus size in this shot though. I think she's gonna win.

Eh, whatever.

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Ambriel = nice choice. <3

Bianca = also nice. <3 She might be my fave. Or maybe that's just because I like the name Bianca. ;-P

Chantal = has a weird face that reminds me of someone/thing I can't put my finger on... :-\

Ebony = you're right, totally not pretty.

Heather = kind of pretty?

Janet = I have been trained to like girls with short hair. Chalk it up to a subconscious weakness. ;-P

Jenah = you really pinned her with that "love child" description. XD

Kimberly = looks like an annoying highschool whore.

Lisa = my other "maybe fave". We'll see once the show airs.

Mila = ugly.

Saleisha = meh, squarish faces don't do it for me. Maybe it's just the angle.

Sarah = I'm amused by your insistent pessimism about plus-sized models. It's like, even if they do go far you refuse to believe they're doing so on their own merit. I hope ANTM proves you wrong; either she doesn't win, or you end up liking her and want to see her succeed. :-P

(That being said, I don't think she's astoundingly pretty or anything. ^^;;)

Victoria = super ew. She looks like a highschool wallflower. Nothx.

I'll gladly eat my words if Sarah turns out to be FIERCE. But if she's whiny or bitchy or has shitty pictures and keeps getting passed over for elim, I'm still gonna claim conspiracy!

You've gotta watch out for those chubbettes...

Oh thanks for posting this!
I don't know how I feel about any of the girls, really, the only one of these pictures I like is Janet. She might end up being the edgy girl, but at least this time she would be pretty. (I didn't find Jael attractive at all, I do admit to thinking Kim was pretty good though)
And Jenah scares me, I hope that is just a REALLY awful picture of her. Victoria looks scared out of her mind.

You should know by now that I'm the #1 source for ANTM stuffages because I'm so hopelessly addicted to the show. X3 X3


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