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[AD] Dead Dove

So I missed the Entertainment Tonight preview of the cycle 9 girls. AND there is now another promo that shows their faces. There's a shitload of screencaps on FORT. I'm yoinking all the caps I'm gonna post here from there, because I haven't been fortunate enough to see any of this junk myself.

Yes, there IS another plus-sized girl. To which I say BLAH. Once again, I have a sinking feeling that a plus-sized girl is going to win ANTM.

She's not even that pretty. :S

I'm rooting for this girl. SHE IS GORGEOUS. She kinda looks like Mo from CNTM2. But of all the other screencaps I've seen, I like her the most. TEAM BLACK GIRL BIG LIPS.

This girl is kinda pretty... though her eyebrows look strange in this shot.

The girl on the left with the smirk - she's gonna be the "edgy" girl that I won't be able to stand. I can tell.

Aaaaaand... some low quality caps from the ET thing.


Plus sized girl... double ew.

Plastic looking blonde... UHM, EW.

Now I really want to see the pre-show pics. It's hard to judge based off pixelated screencaps. Not like that stops me from judging. XD XD But you know what I mean.

You can expect yet another post when the names/pre-show pics are released. Dear god, let it be soon.