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[Random] Fangirl Moment
One of the many reasons Fisher is AMAZING and AWESOME...

At least 7 years ago, back when mp3.com was a GOOD site where unsigned artists could post up their music free for download, I found a little band called Fisher. Wonderful songs, lead singer with an AMAZING voice... and I downloaded a bunch of her songs, including an mp3.com "exclusive" called Paradise.

When I got my Rio Riot, I put all my songs on it and deleted them off my computer.

Fast foward to now, while my Rio Riot is still a functional MP3 player, it's OLD and the size of a brick. AND... all the songs are stuck on it. They don't come off because the people at Rio are evil bastards. So now I go through Radio Blog Club and record songs I used to have with Replay Music. Sadly, since Fisher isn't a widely known artist, I couldn't find Paradise. Fisher has never released it on any album and they never uploaded it anywhere else. So I messaged their MySpace asking about the song, and amazingly got a reply.

I was told if I emailed an address, they'd just SEND ME THE SONG. No shit. So now I have this song back on my computer because the band was fucking awesome and sent me the MP3.

EVERYBODY GO LISTEN TO FISHER'S MUSIC. You won't be sorry. <3 <3

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Holy crap they're good O_O Where can I get the rest of their songs? Only "Too Late" is available for download on myspace D:

They offer some of their music on their site. I also recorded some of it off their MySpace using the Replay Music program I linked to. <3 <3

Hey totally off topic. I'm going to go get my wigs from Tako on this saturday and maybe hang out a bit. You wanna come!?

I still have some Fisher music from forever ago. <3

But I can't figure out why you're not online. :-( I sent you an email. I posted in my journal. Either you're avoiding me or off somewhere, and you didn't say you were going anywhere...

Sorry. I haven't been online much the past couple days because I've been hanging out with Krish, Tasu & Tako. <3 When things go back to normal, I'll be online all the time again.

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