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Lost & Found @ Toni's Hotel...
[Kittens] Curiosity
Cleaning up after you messy lot... and you guys left some stuff behind.

*Binder (Changes Executive Planner) with art - Tako, it looks like yours
*White fabric-y stuff
*Cafe Verfuhren Staff shirt
*Wooden hanger Mine now. :3
*2 black wigs - one short, one long

If any of this stuff is important, I can ship it off to y'all. Just let me know.

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You can keep the hanger. I stole it from a hotel.

white.... oh! the interfacing? (the felt-like stuff you brought us on Friday?)
That is not a big deal. We bought it at your Walmart anyway. LoL.
The cafe shirt is probably Sihaya's and she'll want it back... as for the wigs.... uhhh.... I think I know which ones they are. I'll want them back.... eventually. I don't have any immediate need for them though (they can even be shipped back with Sihaya's shirt directly to her, since I'll see her in May)

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