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[ANTM] Lisa Crazy
I know this is uber old news... but Britney is my favourite tabloid trash.

ILU Britney. Keep bringin' on the crazy shit.

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Hi! I know I'm totally spamming your LJ and I'm sorry for that, but I saw that you have "Ballroom Bootcamp" listed as an interest and thought you might like to know that Gocha Chertkoev (one of the instructors from Ballroom Bootcamp) is in a new movie. It's on Lifetime Movie Network next Thursday at 8 eastern and it's called "Inspector Mom: Kidnapped in 10 Easy Steps".

He's got some great dancing scenes in it and his wife's in it too. He dances with Danica McKellar from "The Wonder Years" and there's talk that they might be on "Dancing with the Stars" too!

Anyway, sorry for the spammage. Have a good one!

beyondthebuzz <--- What an appropriate name for someone posting in a post about Britney post hair trauma. Anyone else see the irony in this?

So the question becomes... what is beyondthebuzz?

Anyone else think she should have kept the trailer mullet-tail thingy at the back before shaving the rest off? That was a good look... *cough*.

Oh yeah. I totally dug the mullet-tail. She could have braided it. That would have been bitchin'.

I second the mullet-tail~! :x

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