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Birdie Curiosity
[AD] Dead Dove
The other day I finally put my bird feeder back on the patio, and refilled it with bird seed (we had taken down all our patio stuff for Xmas decorations). And birdies finally came back today!

This cute little guy with an orange chest & head... along with a lady friend (I can only assume the brighter coloured one is the male) has been totally pigging out on the birdseed for the past couple hours. He sings for me before he eats though. <3

So I'm curious, anybody out there in LJ Land know anything about birdies? What kind of bird is he? I tried Googling him, but came up with a big steaming pile of nothing.

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I'm pretty sure that's a house finch. :)

Yay! Zaely wins the bird watching trophy. X3

I kept searching for "orange sparrow"... no wonder I couldn't find it. I think I'll name my finch Dave. Yeah. Dave the finch who likes to eat.

Lol! :) Thank my Bio109 class - Biology of the Southwest. ;) It taught us about local plants and wildlife. :D

Not to contradict, but it looks more like a redpole to me. They're a type of finch, but house finches don't have that pinkish head. :)

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