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Luke Johnson Phone Experiment
[AD] Dead Dove
Vivervavaratti posted this in her LJ... so when I watched it I had a "o.O" moment. I'm not going to call him, but I thought I'd pass it along just because this guy is a fellow Arizonian.

And if your curious about some backstory... here's a short CNN video on it.

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I'm suprised that his wife haven't divorse him yet, with phone ringing off the hook at night like that.

America the country where you pay to receive calls.

It's good thing he does have unlimited minutes, paying to receive calls has to be the dumbest system ever set up by a phone company anywhere. Oh and 11,000 + calls... what's disturbing is that he's counting them.

*2 young girls asking if he has a girlfriend*

Doesn't that kinda make him a creepy old man himself? :).


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