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[AD] Dead Dove
I was so busy, I didn't realize ANTM8 girls had been released!

Based off their promo pics and this video.

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She looks like a soccer mom. In this pic AND in the video. NOT impressed.

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Definitely not a Texan beauty queen like the last Cassandra... but god is she uggo. Kinda horsey, like Ebony from C5. Not impressed.

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One of the TWO plus sized girls this cycle. But sadly she just doesn't have the pop that Toccara and Diane had. BORING. She's really not that pretty either. Aaaaand not impressed.

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She sorta reminds me of Tiffany in her promo pic, but I wasn't wowed by her in the video. She does have pretty eyes though. They looked green in the video... could be impressed, we'll see.

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Got nothing off of her from the video. But this photo is kinda pretty. Get this girl's roots covered though. X3 Could be impressed.

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I can only assume you pronounce her name "jail". :S But... uhmn... ew to the punk rock girl. Hasn't Tyra learned anything about the girls who think they're OMGSOPUNK!!!111! Jayla... AJ... augh. >.< Some of the worst contestants evar. NOT IMPRESSED.

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I am SO happy this girl made it this cycle (even if she has an ass chin). I thought she was hillarious when she auditioned for C7. And I sure as hell would have rather seen her in the house instead of Brooke. Or AJ. Or Megggggg. I hope she makes it far. WORK IT JASLENE.

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I adore this girl just because she talks like Rosie Perez. XD But the 'fro... and the attitude from the video... I'm SO scared she's going to be the black bitch ala Brandy C4. Please don't be a bitch Kathleen... I'm rooting for you too. >.<;

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I love this promo pic (I'm a sucker for big lips). But she seemed kinda like a prettier soccer mom on the video. I'm not sure about her. I'm borderline impressed/not impressed.

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Her face sorta looks like C3's Ann... but this photo is NOT flattering. She ISN'T the other plus size model, but she looks like it in this picture. I felt nothing from her spot on the video. Not really impressed.

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I like the promo pic... but not so much in the video. She kinda reminds me of Natalie Portman... eh... I just don't know. If I have to compare the 2 ass chin girls, Jaslene wins my favour. Could be impressed though... we'll see.

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Saw the promo pic, wasn't impressed. Watched the video... and AUGH. Another "Sarah" talking about how smart she is. NOT IMPRESSED AT ALL.

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Plus sized girl #2. I think she's ugly. T_T These plus sized girls are such let downs. And I usually like the plus size'ers. Not impressed.

SO. If you actually went through all that... based solely on preshow shit... I'm rooting for either Jaslene or Kathleen FTW. PLEASE DEAR GOD DO NOT LET THEM DISAPPOINT ME LIKE MY PRESHOW FAVES LAST CYCLE. That is all.

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Alright, after watching the video twice I'm gonna say my pre-show picks are Felicia and Whitney. And kinda Natasha, and like you said I wish I could like Kathleen but she'll probably get the bitch edit. :-\

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