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[AD] Hell Fury
... It's 2 in the fucking morning. Stop being so FUCKING loud in the pool area. You aren't supposed to be in there after 10 PM anyways. SOME PEOPLE ARE TRYING TO FUCKING SLEEP. Not ME... but NAM has work tomorrow and if you keep hootin' & hollerin' and wake him up, heaven help you... because I will KICK your ASS.

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I most definitely wouldn't want to oppose you if I were them. >>;

Augh. They were still out there being loud at 3 AM when I went to bed. This would NEVER had happened if our apartment complex hadn't been sold. The manager used to live right next door to us. D: D: Fucking new owners. I'm just as pissed at them as I am with the asshats in the hot tub.

Fucking neighbors. D: They should lock up the pool after 10PM for crying out loud. D:

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