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More Wii
[ANTM] Joanie Squee
So I'm taking a break from my extensive Wii'ing to give y'all my thoughts about it. Even though helensheep is the only one who cares. XD I have photos... but I don't feel like searching for my camera cord, so you'll get them at a later date.

And to curb any confusion... we named our Wii Lazarus. So if you hear me saying "Lazarus" or possibly even "Lazzie" in the future... that's what I'm talking about. XD

Mii: This was the first thing Nam & I played with as soon as we got it home, out of the box and hooked up. You get to create your own little blobular characters. Lots of customization. Right now on Lazarus there's a character for me, Nam & my dad (YES, my dad). So if you ever see MaiTai, Namius or Dad wandering around on your Wii... that's us! X3 I do have photos of everybody's Mii's... but you have to wait!

Wii Shopping Channel: I had so many problems getting this to connect today... but I think that may be because everybody and his brother was trying to connect and buy games from there. >.<;; My dad spent $30 for me to buy games with... but all I bought was Mario Bros. and Sonic the Hedgehog. I wanted them to have Super Mario Brothers, but I guess I'll have to wait for that one. I'll blah blah about the games later.

Photo Channel: I haven't really played with this. Not that I know what photos I'd upload & share anyways. ^^;; It looks nice though, I guess.

Forecast Channel/News Channel: I couldn't get these to work... and when I looked on the Nintendo message boards, it said they wouldn't go live for a couple days or so. Which is rather confusing to me... because I swear to god that at least the weather one was working last night at EB Games...

Wii Sports: This is the first game I played, and the one I've played the most since last night. I fucking LOVE the bowling game... and the baseball one isn't too bad either, even though I suck at it. My dad and I played the bowling game tons today (I took Lazzie to my 'rents house while Nam worked)... and he also seemed keen on golf. I'm not sure if Nam likes the tennis one... I think he's only played it once. I'm sure he likes his PS2 tennis game better. So much love to Wii Sports. If it hadn't come free with the system, I would have paid money for it. XD

Super Monkey Ball: I played probably 4 levels of this game this morning and had to stop because it was making me seriously motion sick. It's really cutesy... and it seems like it'd be really addicting, if only 10 minutes of play didn't make me feel like puking. >.< I think this is going to be a Nam game. Nam claims the 2 player version is less nauseating... but I'm not sure I want to risk it.

Mario Bros.: Let me just say, I never owned a Nintendo growing up as a kid. I went from Intellivision straight to my Sega CDX... and the only Mario I ever played was Super Mario World on our neighbour's SNES. So when I saw that this was the only Mario game there, I thought it'd be ok until the one I really wanted to play was released for download. I played about 2 minutes of it and got bored. I feel so bad, because it's a classic 8-bit game and all... it really only cost me about $5... but I'll probably never play it again and end up deleting it for space.

Sonic the Hedgehog: YES. This was one of those games I ALWAYS played back when I owned my Sega CDX. I used to be pretty good at it too (nevermind the fact that I totally suck at it now). You have no idea how happy it makes me to be able to play it again. It makes me feel like I'm back in elementary school. X3

Excite Truck: Nam was pretty sucky at this when he tried it tonight... but I just chalk that up to him being exhausted. You see, he got about 5 hours of sleep max last night because we were up until 4 AM playing on our Wii... and then he had to get up early and go to work... and didn't get off work until about 8:30 ~ 9 PM. I can hear him snoring on the couch right now. <3 ANYWHO. I took the controller away from him and tried 3 levels. I thought it was a BLAST. A little hard to control the trucks... but once you get the hang of it, it's cake. I got 1st place on 2 of my 3 races... and 2nd on the other. :3 Definitely a fun racing game. No wonder Alex hyped it so much.

Legend of Zelda: Graphics on this game = <3. Yes. Really. I hardly played any of this, just because I wanted to try all the other games my 'rents got me tonight... but I forsee this game becoming very addicting. Like crack. XD I've never played a 3D Zelda game either (I've only ever played Gameboy Zelda's)... so this should be new and different for me. :3

Trauma Center: I was soooooooo leery about this game. Everybody kept saying how awesome it was... and how it was a must buy... I hate blood. I hate guts. I freak out when Nam gets a bloody nose. >.<;; I just didn't see how this game was going to be something good for me. But I tried it anyways... and ended up playing the first 3 little training levels. It's really not that bad. The operations are just cartoony enough that I don't feel ill looking at them... and it's just a spiffy idea for a game. :3 I did have a little giggle when I saw the main character's scrubs were button ups, but I blame my recent watching of Scrubs on that. Trying to picture Turk scrubs like that... I'm not sure he could pull it off. XD XD Anywho... yes. I got all C's on my operations... but I had a lot fun with this game, suprisingly.

In conclusion, helensheep... you should defintely get a Wii. All the cool kids are doing it. XD

And that's my 2 cents. Not behind a cut so everybody has to read it. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Ok... back to Sonic. *scoots off*

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Ugh! I want a Wii so bad! ]:

X3 Yush... join the Wii army! You gotta let me know when you get one so I can send my Mii to invade your console.

Okay, will do as soon as funds and availability allow, hehe. How's the controller? Is it easy to get to grips with? (That's my main issue with this console)

Being the nintendo fangirl I am, I am sad you didn't like Mario =( If you want to give him another chance, you Super Mario Brothers 3. Super Mario Bros 2 is good as well, its quite quirky and very different to the other ones. If 3-d games are more your thing, you should download Super Mario 64 or Super Mario Sunshine.

Also, Legend of Zelda - you need to play every game in this series!

(Will shut up now ^^;)

The controller is actually really easy to get used to. I was a bit worried too (and considered getting the classic style controller)... but now I can't imagine NOT using the remote one. It's very comfy and natural to hold. :3

I considered downloading Super Mario 64... they had it in the store for 1000 points... but I didn't get it. 3D games with too much movement tend to give me really bad headaches. >.< And it's actually Super Mario World I'm waiting to dl onto my Wii. I made a mistake up in my post... I should fix that...

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