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Christmas Cleaning.
[AD] Dead Dove
I am once again cleaning my friendlist. Why? Because I'm ticked off and feel like I've gotten to the point where I'm censoring what I post just to keep some peace....and that makes me even crankier.

The following users are staying on my friends list because they're either RL friends, or "celeb" blogs I'm stalking: daenerys, elysesewell, freemymartha, kittygirls, krishna21, lastnamstanding, lokaichan, sporkkunoichi, thecrazyotaku, truenorth, vivmuffin and zephyrussama.

If your name is not on this list, and you want to be re-added to my friendlist. Just comment. Cheers.

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Whoohoo I'm still on the list! Stalking "celeb" blogs is always fun!! heheh

Yeah... I'm not sure if Yaya really counts as a celeb. ^^;; Or Elyse Sewell for that matter... But I stalk them nonetheless!! XD

Me, me! I enjoy reading your posts.
I need to start posting again too...but I have to wait until I get the internet at home again. God, it's been too long.

Yay! I made the cut again!

Don't hate me...
Luff me. Keep me.

Whoah! Didn't see this until much later. Thanks for keeping me, I feel loved *hugs*

oh fine cut me... I see how it is... see if I send your kitten any gifties after all. Renee (my kitten) says... hehehehe I get to keep them all!

Hmmm~~ Add me? =D I know you in person and I love your doll? x3

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