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Save Arrested Development!!
[AD] Dead Dove

Online Petition:

Write to Fox:
P.O. Box 900
Attn: FOX BROADCASTING Publicity Dept.
Beverly Hills, CA 90213-0900

Peter Liguori
President of Entertainment
FOX Broadcasting
10201 West Pico Blvd.
Building 100, Room 4450
Los Angeles CA 90035

Marcy Ross
Senior Vice President of Current Programming
FOX Broadcasting
10201 West Pico Blvd
Building 100, Room 4150
Los Angeles, CA 90035

Be polite! Even though they're assholes.

****As a reminder to those whove never written to a business professional, a serious letter will have your name, address, and the date, then a space separating that info. from the the contact name, and address, then more space and:

Dear (fill in name):

First of all, let me express my great disappointment in the news that the extremely witty show, Arrested Development, has been slated to be cancelled. This show is so very clever, and the combined quality of writing, acting and directing never fails to impress and delight me. I can honestly say, that this is one of the few shows that I truly make an effort to watch regularly. I have also purchased the dvd's of season 1 and season 2, and also watch them regularly.

Secondly, I understand that the numbers for the show are low, lower than what is generally accepted in your business to justify continuing the show. And I appreciate the fact that you did continue the show for a third season, despite lower numbers last year. I have enjoyed every episode so far this season, and have already watched each one repeatedly.

Thirdly, I must protest the perception of the low numbers, however. I have seen very, very little advertising done for Arrested Development--and I have looked for it. Many posters on your own Arrested Development website boards, expressed dismay that they had trouble finding the show. The night and time was changed, the there was an extensive break for baseball, and for awhile the wrong date was posted for the return after baseball on the Arrested Development website. I truly think that lower numbers have resulted because of these stated reasons.

So, while your network did support the actual filming of a third season, it seemed to do little otherwise to support it and promote it.

This is what I ask: Please Do Not Cancel Arrested Development. Give it another shot, but with more support this time. I have seen plenty of your other shows advertised continually; and, as I stated above, have hardly viewed anything for Arrested Development--and I've been looking.

Finally, not that I am necessarily boycotting your network, but Arrested Development is the only show I watch. Once it is gone, I will have no reason no reason to watch anything on Fox.

Please save Arrested Development!


Your name, of course

Save Arrested Development Day: Nov 16. For more details: