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CBS, ABC & CW Fall 2016 Trailers
[Random] TV Anti-Drug
Belatedly posting about the rest of the networks.

Kind of a meh CBS lineup. But I guess I still have most of my fave CBS shows coming back for another season, so the new stuff can be boring. In order of my interest.Collapse )

All these shows look great or at least cute enough that I understand why it was greenlit. Nothing made me groan or cringe. Good job, ABC. In order of my interest.Collapse )

Not much new here since CW decided to be nutso and renew ALL their existing lineup. But there are 3 new shows - only 2 of which have trailers. The 3rd is an Archie show (based off the comics), which is probably going to be more like the horrible drivel I usually see on the CW. Unsurprisingly, ALSO in my order of interest.Collapse )