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[AD] Dead Dove
I've decided to make my LJ friends only. I'm wiping my Friends List clean (everybody except blog_project). If you want to continue reading my LJ, please comment. Thanks. ^_^

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Yes please. I know we don't talk much any more, but I still want to know what goes on it your life.

^_^ Added you back on the Toni boat. lol.

I like readinf your journal. If you don't keep me, I shall cry.

Aww... well no crying Sheeps... so added back for more readinf fun. ^.~

I still read your journal.

Please keep me on your friends list ^.^

Please keep me on your friends list

Alright! You're back on!

(Deleted comment)
lol. Not gonna let me wrangle away, eh? Like I really want to. You're my webpage guru. ^.~ Added back on. ^_^

lol. Alright, you're back on.

*Poke poke* Me too, me too! We're not really online at the same time anymore, so this is basically the only way I know you're still, y'know, alive and well and all.

Oof! *is poked* Well, I don't want you thinking I'm dead and bad... sooo... added. ^_^

Toni, you;re the one who inspired me to go on LJ. Don't kick me out *wails*

Awww.. *huggles* I wouldn't kick out my Vivervavaratti!!

The last time I commented on your journal we faught for a few days T_T;;; Hopefully this one won't do that,
I would still like to be on your friends list, even if I don't write in her much personally....
The wicked

lol. No, this post will not start a fight. ^^;; Maybe if you HADN'T posted it would have... ^.~ Adding you back on right now. ^_^

was wondering if you still kept iconhaveit
i noticed that you haven't posted in there in awhile.
just curious.

Yupp. It's still mine. I have a few new icons that I have to post up... but overall, I've become more interested in photography than icons.

hey I saw ur journal and Im gonna add you if thats OK with you.


You can add me, of course. But no offense, since I have no clue who you are, I won't be adding you back.

I luff reading your journal, pwease keep me!

We share a love for ANTM! Wanna friend me? ^_^

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