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CBS, ABC & CW Fall 2016 Trailers
[Random] TV Anti-Drug
Belatedly posting about the rest of the networks.

Kind of a meh CBS lineup. But I guess I still have most of my fave CBS shows coming back for another season, so the new stuff can be boring.

Weird to see Michael Weatherly as anybody but DiNozzo, buuuut this looks pretty entertaining.

Pure Genius

Super tech-y medical show. Actually looks kinda interesting. I'll give this one a shot.

Training Day

Never saw the movie, not particularly interested in the TV show.

Kevin Can Wait

Meh. I mean, it's just a typical family comedy. Might do okay, but not for me.

Man With A Plan

Aaaaand another one.

The Great Indoors

Augh. Whyyyyy Joel McHale...? Plus a laugh track. Augh augh augh. No way this lasts a full season.

All these shows look great or at least cute enough that I understand why it was greenlit. Nothing made me groan or cringe. Good job, ABC.
Time After Time

This is a midseason show, so gotta wait a smidge longer for it. But YES. Yes yes yes yes. Just yes to everything.

Designated Survivor

When I read the blurb for this show weeks ago, I thought it sounded interesting. I think Kiefer Sutherland is kind of a weird choice, but I'm still gonna watch this. :)


So.... I adore Minnie Driver. This seems like a funny, but heartfelt show. I'm totally down.

Still Star-Crossed

So I hate (HAAAAAAAAAAATE) the story of Romeo & Juliet. It's possibly one of my least favourite Shakespearean plays. But I adore the idea of "what happens after"... and it's Shondaland, so you know it will be dramaful. Another midseason show.


Hmmmm... okay. Maybe will try a couple episodes of this.

Downward Dog

Okay, I'll admit I chuckled a couple times during this trailer. But the talking dog schtick might get old.

American Housewife

Looks kinda cute. I can relate to snarky fat lady. Glad it's not a laugh track show, because that would have ruined it.

Imaginary Mary

Hi Jenna Elfman. I'd also file this show under "seems cute", but iffy on if I'd actually watch it.


I guess I'm kinda confused about a lawyer and a news producer teaming up. Maybe it'll be an amazing show, but I'm not feeling it based off this trailer.

Not much new here since CW decided to be nutso and renew ALL their existing lineup. But there are 3 new shows - only 2 of which have trailers. The 3rd is an Archie show (based off the comics), which is probably going to be more like the horrible drivel I usually see on the CW.

As much as I hate this current movie to TV show trend, Frequency was actually a movie I enjoyed a lot, and this show looks pretty good.

No Tomorrow

At first my reaction was meh. But by the end of the trailer it seemed like it might be a fun show. And I'm happy to have more Joshua Sasse on my TV now that Galavant is over.