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NBC & Fox Fall 2016 Trailers
[Random] TV Anti-Drug
Sooooo.... UPFRONTS. They started yesterday.

NBC didn't release all their full trailers online, but they did release a few.
The Good Place

This actually looks kinda fun. Kristen Bell is cool and I always love me some Ted Danson.

This Is Us

This is like all those awful romcom movies that follow 8 seemingly unrelated people and how their lives are actually connected. I'm pretty sure all those movies have Hugh Grant in them. So eh. Maybe. Watch a few episodes and see if it sticks.


Feel pretty meh about time travel. Mom might like this more than me though. Malcolm Barrett's little rant about "pretty much any black man named Michael" stole the trailer.

Other shows that haven't had trailer's released yet, but I'm still going to judge.

Taken TV show port. I can't fathom a universe where this gets a 2nd season. Nobody wants this.

It's a super hero show about an insurance claims adjuster who has to clean up after the messes heroes make. It sounds fun. Also Danny Pudi!!! :D I will watch this.

And a bunch of other stuff that I'm not going to bother going over

I wonder about the people who run Fox. Like, why are they so awful at TV? :S At least they put all their trailers online.
The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Okay, so not actually a TV show... just a Halloween special... BUT I AM SO THERE. Laverne Cox looks hot as hell. Slay Queen Laverne, SLAAAAAY.


I'm down with a show about a black woman being the first to play in MLB. Even if sports dramas don't tend to be my thing, this looks great.


This actually looks kinda interesting. Even though it's a cop show, it's a cop show with with cool tech.


Doesn't look awful, but doesn't really seem like something I'd watch either. On the fence.

Making History

This looks "Hot Tub Time Machine" level dumb, but I might try it out for a few episodes.


I feel like people will expect me to like this because of my love of Halloween. But I never really liked the movie, so I'm not excited about the TV show. Even if it comes with Geena Davis

Lethal Weapon

Eh, no thanks.

Shots Fired

Eeeeeh, double no thanks.

The Mick

Because child endangerment is hilarious. No.


I've never understood the appeal of 24. Pass.

Son of Zorn

Whoever greenlit this should be fired. If this gets a full season I will be SHOCKED.