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My first full "work from home day" (and TV ramblings)
[Pushing Daisies] WIN
Today was my first work-from-home Wednesday. It was fucking great. I got to stay in my pajamas all day AND I got all my work finished by 2 PM so I spent the rest of the afternoon lazing about, watching junk TV and playing Lake Kindred on Gaia.

Nam said he had expected me to catch up on TV shows I was behind on, but I didn't want to focus on anything while working and when I was done, I didn't FEEL like focusing on anything.

But I seriously do need to catch up on some shows. Fall season starts soon and I'm a full season behind on NCIS, a full season behind on Scandal, about half a season behind on Blacklist, 2 episodes behind on Elementary and I don't even fucking remember where I left off on Castle. Plus I only started binge watching all of Good Wife last month and I'm only up to season 3.

I went ahead and made a premiere list though.

11 Sep - Z Nation 02x01
21 Sep - Castle 08x01
21 Sep - Gotham 02x01
21 Sep - Scorpion 02x01
22 Sep - Fresh Off The Boat 02x01
22 Sep - The Muppets 01x01
22 Sep - NCIS 13x01
22 Sep - Scream Queens 01x01
23 Sep - Law & Order SVU 17x01
23 Sep - Nashville 04x01
24 Sep - How To Get Away With Murder 02x01
24 Sep - The Player 01x01
24 Sep - Scandal 05x01
27 Sep - Once Upon A Time 05x01
29 Sep - The Grinder 01x01
1 Oct - Sleepy Hollow 03x01
1 Oct - The Blacklist 03x01
4 Oct - Madam Secretary 02x01
4 Oct - The Good Wife 07x01
6 Oct - iZombie 02x01
6 Oct - The Flash 02x01
7 Oct - American Horror Story 05x01
7 Oct - Arrow 04x01
11 Oct - The Walking Dead 06x01
12 Oct - Jane the Virgin 02x01
1 Nov - The Librarians 02x01
5 Nov - Elementary 04x01

SO MUCH love for Z Nation coming back before everything else. It's so cheesy, but I adore it for it's Velveeta goodness.

I don't think I'm missing any upcoming premiere dates. I didn't add Blindspot which I THINK is supposed to premiere on the 21st, because I already watched the pilot when it was leaked last month. Hur hur.
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