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Fox & NBC
[Random] TV Anti-Drug
A moment of silence for a fallen TV shows (and then a moment of thunderous rejoicing that American Idol finally got it's plug pulled)....



I like John Stamos, and admitedly I chuckled a couple times during the trailer. But probably not tuning in every week for this one.

The Grinder

This looks hilarious. And hi, Fred Savage! Definitely adding to my watch list.


So it's basically a buddy cop show but with the devil? Hm. I'm on the fence with this one.

Minority Report

TV show based on the movie. Could be interesting. Honestly, I feel kind of lukewarm towards the movie even though the concept was cool enough.


Helloooooo beefcake <3, but do I really need another cop/medical examiner procedural? IDK. I'm still mourning Forever. I don't think I'm ready.

The Frankenstein Code

I am down with this. Even if it's another cop show. If for nothing else then Frankenstein (sorta!). I feel like this is one of the shows I'm going to get into and it's going to get cancelled after half a season.


I get the feeling "no" is not a word anybody ever says to Seth McFarland over at Fox. :\ But I'll say it. No. No Seth McFarland. NO.


This looks crazy awesome, and I'm ready to watch the hell out of it. <3


Yawn. Cancelled.

People Are Talking

Dammit Mark-Paul Gosselaar. I want to like shows you're in. I've missed having you on my TV since Franklin & Bash ended. But this show looks.... kinda.... awful. I'm sorry. Nope. Cancelled.

The Player

So... like... people in Vegas are betting on this guy's ability to beat bad guys? Like Rat Race, but with crime and violence? I'm kinda okay with this. I'll definitely give it a try. :) Also Wesley Snipes being a slick BAMF. Yes.

And it's ABC's turn tomorrow. I'm ready! Wow me with trailers, ABC!