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52 Ancestors: Week 11 - Sophia M Niessen
[AD] Dead Dove
I've been so bad at keeping up with this. :< Picked an ancestor at random... and landed on my 2nd great grandmother Sophia M Niessen.

Sophia was born June 26 1874 to German immigrants Henry & Wilhelmine Niessen (nee Burrough) in Cuyahoga County, Ohio.

Birth record. Even though it doesn't have her name on it. Because somebody in 1874 thought a birth record with no record of the child's name was a good idea.

On June 16 1896, she married Aloys (Louis) C Boehmer. They had 9 children, Edward Anthony (1897-1977), Walter Joseph (1899-1971), Raymond A (1902-1975), Elanore A (1905-?), Dorothy Ann (1906-2000), Agatha E (1910-1981), William A (1911-1983), Odelia "Delia" H (1914-2000) and Charles J (1914-?).

Marriage record.

She died May 29th 1949 of uterine cancer.

While rummaging through old photo drawers a couple months ago, I found a cut out of her obit from the newspaper and her funeral card! So that was pretty interesting. According to the obit, she ran an upholstering business with her husband.