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52 Ancestors: Week 5 & 6 - Dorothy Agnes Shaver & Doris Clara Shaver
[Spaceballs] Combing the Desert
I was sick last week and was totally in no state to even look at my genealogy, nonetheless write a post about an ancestor. So gonna play catch up this week... with TWINS. :D

Doris Clara (left) & Dorothy Agnes (right)

Dorothy Agnes & Doris Clara Shaver were born on June 20th, 1919 in Michigan to Clifford & Luella Shaver (nee Randall).

On January 12, 1944, Dorothy married Charles Joseph Calabro. They had 4 children, Cheryl Marie, Rosemary, Frederick Charles & Janice Eileen. Unfortunately, Dorothy died shortly after giving birth to my mother, Janice, on July 1, 1952. Charles did end up re-marrying nearly 10 years later to the woman who I would grow up calling "grandma", but that's a story for another post.

 photo 8877e6dd-dc9f-4f29-a6df-c0a8c8df9bac_zpsb5af0b43.jpg  photo f52b1bbb-4713-4999-85db-b93b7ad0a03e_zps4de39d98.jpg
Dorothy Agnes Shaver Calabro

 photo 9842adf2-6855-4d1b-9b01-ffc317c9b96c_zpsd81f88f4.jpg  photo 1055135e-2934-44a7-9227-75d31d56d96d_zps9732a6e1.jpg
Charles & Dorothy with daughters Cheryl & Rosemary // Dorothy with son Fred

 photo 32707660-f9e5-47ab-8327-962a9f404edd_zpsd6e5079e.jpg
Old photo I found of her headstone when rummaging through family photos

Doris I actually have less information about. I know at some point she married Hal Boughton and they had 4 children - James, Patricia, Gary & Alan. She died May 25, 1985. I wish I could have met her and talked to her about her sister. Actually, it's entirely possible I did meet her... but I was barely 1 when she died... and if I don't remember it, it doesn't count.

 photo 364993d7-28e2-4aa8-888a-6776e6baa3c7_zpsf2fac2c3.jpg
Doris holding Janice

 photo 0cc89911-0223-4e3c-8afd-2050486d7d25_zpsfb7d84ee.jpg
The Boughtons