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52 Ancestors: Week 3 - Daniel Mahl
[AD] Dead Dove
So I started my tree from scratch a couple weeks ago. My original tree was a total mess because I merged with everything (mistaaaaaaaaake!) and went off on the twiggiest of twigs. I'm only adding info I can verify with documentation, so it's kind of slow going, but rewarding at the same time. ANYWAYS, I'm now researching my great grandmother's (Anna Marie Miller) German side of the tree. This was part of the tree I had previously sort of just skimmed over.

This weekend the first document I found for my 2nd great grand uncle, Daniel Mahl, was his death certificate. Cause of death? "Accident by falling on circular saw". O___O Holy crap. Ouch.

 photo DanielMahldeathcert_zps3d13e884.jpg

Of course, I wanted to find out more.

Daniel Mahl was born on March 21, 1862 to Johann (John) Daniel Mahl & Katharina (Catharine) Imm in Ohio. He married Elizabeth Didion on July 2, 1895. They had 8 children: Herman Joseph, Ralph Jacob, Carl, Arnold Aloysius, Mary Ann, Irene Rosalie, Emma G & Linus August. He died March 25, 1916.

 photo MAHLDaniel_zps8b255d84.jpg

I haven't been able to find any articles about his death... but I'll keep looking this week. :)

EDIT 1/26
I was hoping to have an edit for this post by the end of the week, but further information on Daniel is proving harder to find. At least in an online capacity. I did order his obituary from the Hayes Presidential Library shortly after posting this on Monday. My first time ordering a document from there, so I'm not sure how long it usually takes. I swear I just need to take a month-long genealogy vacation to Ohio.