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52 Ancestors: Week 2 - Frank Gilmore Jones
[AD] Dead Dove
I'm starting this nifty project a week late - 52 Ancestors in 52 weeks. It seemed like starting with my great grandfather, Frank Gilmore Jones, was as good a place as any.

Frank Gilmore Jones was born on September 14, 1891 in Jefferson, Ohio to Thomas & Catherine (Farley) Jones. He married Anna Miller on April 19, 1915. He moved to Michigan in 1967 to live closer to my grandfather, Robert (his only child), and died on February 24, 1970.

young frank

I don't have any great stories about him from dad, who told me the other day that he met Frank maybe 4 times during his childhood. I do, however, have tons of articles that were cut out of newspapers and put in a photo album about his career (some of which I haven't scanned in yet... really need to do that)!

He was a successful lawyer in Ohio from 1930-1960. In 1938 he was appointed as City Relief Commissioner (which he served from 1938-1948) and a member of the Knights of Columbus and the Fraternal Order of Eagles.

Promotion articles:
 photo frankpromotion2_zps4e3bd4cf.jpg  photo frankpromotion1_zps227351d4.jpg

Knights of Columbus articles:
 photo knightsofcolumbus1_zps88b5a087.jpg photo knightsofcolumbus2_zps02fd5b58.jpg

He was definitely not the kind of guy who just sat around. I'd even venture a guess that he was a bit of a workaholic - considering my grandfather was a bit of a workaholic.

My goal for the rest of this week is to rummage through old family photos and see if I can find more of Frank. At the very least, scan the rest of his news articles!

EDIT 1/15, 9:48 PM Okay... so I went through all the shaking leaves for Frank tonight, because I'm trying to clean all the hints out in my family tree re-do. One of the leaves was his World War I Draft Registration Card. I squinted at it for a good few minutes before recognizing the words "real estate" (HEY! I'm in real estate! COOL!). After a lot more squinting and getting second opinions from mom, I somehow managed to decipher "Wolfe Sill Realty Co, 715 Garfield Bldg"... from this:

 photo FrankGJonesWW1DraftRegCard_zps5daf276b.jpg
Really? Could these copies be any worse?!?

So, naturally, I ran straight to the Google machine. Long story short... I found Wolfe-Sill Realty Co in a city directory... AND a 1910 postcard with the building on it! AND I got to share the excitement of this discovery with mom! :D Only she understands getting excited about finding a photo of an old building.

 photo GarfieldBuilding-siteofWolfe-SillRealtywhereFrankJonesworkedatage26-1910vintagepostcard_zpsff465ebe.jpg

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Oh, I understand that excitement at finding something cool -- a draft card, a city directory listing, a photo. Newspaper articles are even better!

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