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So, How's Married Life?
[Glee] Dude
It's almost been a month since I officially became a Mrs. Our honeymoon was SO MUCH fun and it was amazing just having a week with Nam without worrying about ANYTHING... but I went back to work the very next day. We've gotten right back into our usual routine of work and conflicting days off. We really only really see each other in the evenings or on lunch during his days off. So basically married life is exactly the same as it was in "living in sin" life.

Which is why I'm getting so utterly sick of people at work asking me how married life is. I know it's an innocent question. I know they're trying to be nice... make small talk... or simply don't know that Nam & I have been together for-frickin-ever so there wasn't some life altering adjustment of moving in together or anything that a lot of newlyweds have. But I still wish it would stop. Sobs.

I always feel like my answers disappoint people too. "Uh... it's fine." "Same as before."


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That's pretty much Wayne and I. Honestly though, I think in the long run it's better that way because you already know how to live together and you don't have that kind of stressful adjusting to living with a new person on top of marriage/regular life crap period.

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