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What are you going to do with THIS?
[American Horror Story] Skull Makeup
Yesterday mom & I bought a super awesome cherub vase at Goodwill... but it was a bit damaged, so the cashier pointed it out to mom just so she knew. Of course, mom proceeded to tell the cashier that it didn't matter because we were just going to use it for our cememtery and a little damage only added awesomeness to it. :D That cashier got our first Resurrection Vale business card with the Facebook URL on it. Ooooh yeeaaaaah. <3

Anyways... I threw this together really quick because I felt like it. Here's some of the random crap we've bought at Goodwill & other thrift stores...

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The collection is expanding!!!

Slowly but surely! We have so many awesome Goodwill goodies that we haven't even used yet. So many ideas, so little time!

BTW - ooooooooooout of curiosity. How would you feel about designing a wedding dress for meeeeeeeee? :D

Woah~~ that was a surprise! When are you guys plan to get married?? I would so love to, but I don't know how I would make it for you though?

Oh, it won't be for a while. Nam's not even officially proposing until May... and anything that even vaguely resembles a wedding won't be until mid-2013 at the earliest. :)

So maybe you can come and visit here or I can go and visit there for a while and wedding dress times can happen. 8D

Edited at 2012-03-31 09:50 pm (UTC)

2013 still pretty fast. Time goes by fast!! Well, I might visit around October, but it is not concrete plan, so we'll see.. We need better way of communicating. like on msn or skype. Orz i'm terrible at replying here.

I'm usually logged onto Skype, though set to invisible. I'm "tonihime" on there too. And I'm not even sure I still remember my MSN password. XD I'll poke it a bit after work today.

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