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2011 Top 5 Icons.
[Bones] Okay Then Face
Here's a stupid game nobody on my friends list is going to play because I don't actually have friends on LJ anymore...

1.) Go look at my icons. Yes, I know there's a lot, I'm sorry.
2.) Try to pick out which ones were my top 5 used in 2011. DON'T include my default icon.
2-a.) And don't bother cheating and going back through my entire 2011 to tally them. It took me about an hour and a half. You have better things to do.
3.) Reply with your answers... and then see if you guessed right!

Tied for 4th & 5th place:
With 8 uses.

In 3rd place:

With 10 uses.

In 2nd place:

With 12 uses

And my big number 1 winnar (no surprise to me):

With 17 uses!

Honorable mentions go to:
With 7 uses each.

/ / /
With 6 uses each.

So how'd you do?

And just because I find it mildly interesting... there were 81 of my currently uploaded icons that didn't get used AT ALL in any of my posts in 2011. Many of them got used while I commented on other people's journals, but not for a post of my own. Iiiiinteresting.

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These are my guesses~~~ and yes I noticed there are six.

Edited at 2012-01-08 01:23 pm (UTC)

Haha I'm totally wrong! It's so sad!

Hey, you got 1 right! :D

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