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[Walking Dead] Zombie
A walk around video of our yard haunt on its big night. :D

And a super priceless reaction of a girl to the remote control zombie & sound activated witch. I was hiding behind the Prius controlling the zombie.

Overall, Halloween was a SMASHING success. We got so many amazing compliments. We made lots of kids scream, and a couple kids cry. It was a good night.

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Man, everything looks so badass with the fog chiller *_______* I'm bummed that I missed it.

So the big question now is, do you have many candy bars left? ;)

We have about 100 candy bars left. XD I took them home with me.

That is so fucking awesome!!

I'm so sad I had to miss your party :( Stupid medicine making me feel like shit. T__T

That's okay. You're invited again next year!!! And it will be even BETTER next year. :D WE HAVE PLANS.

I love the second video!! Everything is so amazing! Hope you don't mind me sharing it with my friends in Taiwan.

I don't mind at all! Our cemetery will have international fame!!! X3 That's pretty badass actually! <3 You'll have to tell me what your friends think.

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